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We believe in giving everyone relationally connected with WCC an opportunity to know and follow Jesus.

WCC is part of the Christian Community Churches movement, wherein we celebrate our movement distinctives and affirm our statement of faith.

Our Beliefs
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November Sermon Series

Series Title: From Suffering to Hope: Exploring Lessons in the Book of Job


Overview: During November, we focus on the Book of Job. We will explore the problems and complexities of human suffering and why bad things happen to good people. 

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December Sermon Series

Series title: “Christ Came: The Outcome that Changes Everything”

Overview: Through this series based on the first two chapters of Luke’s gospel, we explore the event of the birth of Jesus Christ and how that impacts us today. The birth of Jesus was and is a pivotal moment in history marked by the Son of God agreeing to become human in Jesus Christ without ceasing to be God: “Jesus came to the world in the most innocent, dependent, and vulnerable form imaginable—a baby. He was God Almighty in disguise” (Timothy Laniak). 

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February - March Series

Series Title:  “Mark: Releasing the Gospel’s Power”

Overview: We’re studying Mark because he succinctly explores who Christ is and what it looks like to follow him. “Mark communicates Christ and discipleship through the messiness and vividness of stories, not just through the precision of propositions” (Justin Harris)