Feelings, Failures & Forgiveness

Todays message comes from Mark 14-15, often refer to as the Passion Narrative. It’s a section of scripture filled with so much passion. Reading it makes me smile at the tender moments and then just cry at the pain in the passage. At the core of it stands Jesus.

I want to wander through some of that this morning, the feelings Jesus may have had. To see that He can identify with our feelings, Looking at our joys and pains, considering what it may be like to be totally abandoned, then restored.

We will look at some of the responses or perhaps failures from those present and see where they are may less than ideal, perhaps we can see some of ourselves that may fall short as our brothers and sisters did back then.

Then in closing we will touch on forgiveness, as Gary shared with us, Jesus is central just as He was on the Cross. We can make one of two choices, walk away after the service or know that today, we too may be with Him in Paradise.